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Silent Hills Resort is one of the largest planned resort in India

Welcome to Silent Hills Resort

Silent Hills Resort is one of the largest planned resort in India. Situated at Manor, just off the National Highway No. 8, it is at a distance of 80 Kms.from Mumbai International Airport. Spread over 60 acres of sprawling lush green hills, it is perched on the confluence of two perennial rivers – the Vaitarna and the Dehraja. A Natural Resort near Mumbai.!

The Picnic Village is fully functional. It also includes 52 rooms in the resort, a restaurant and permit room, a swimming pool, the Big Splash, boating facilities, children’s park including Mini Train, walkways, jogging tracks. The picnic village is a hit with work-weary Bombayites. On Sundays and other holidays, hundreds of fun lovers visit the picnic village and splash around in the swimming pool.

Living in the clutter of concrete jungles, pollution, stress, traffic jams, noise, all of us are in search of silence. Tucked away in a valley of greenery, surrounded by majestics hills, on the sangam of two perennial rivers Vaitarna and Dehraja is nature’s paradise.

As you step in a wave of clamness engulfs you surrounded by lush green trees, beautifully landscaped gardens, manicured lawns and pathways. It's a 60 -acre splendour of greenery and serenity.